Thursday, February 28, 2013

Law firms merge Ford mileage cases into single class-action suit

Two law firms with pending cases against Ford alleging inflated fuel mileage claims have decided to join forces. The suits, which claim "false and misleading" marketing tactics by Ford, will continue as a single class-action lawsuit.

The suit is seeking compensation for “hundreds” of Ford C-Max and Fusion Hybrid owners that say they were duped by the window stickers of their gas-electric vehicles. Those owners say their vehicles are only able to eke out about 37-39mpg, versus Ford's stated 47mpg.

"There's a lot of really unhappy people," Rich McCune, partner at the law firm McCuneWright, which has previously filed lawsuits against Hyundai Motor Co. for fuel-efficiency claims, told The Detroit News.

The EPA announced in December it would be looking into the matter after Consumer Reports found that Ford's C-Max and Fusion Hybrid were not living up to their stated MPG ratings. However, the EPA has not yet released its findings.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Ford has stood behind the mileage claims of its gas-electric vehicles.

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