Saturday, March 2, 2013

GM’s Euro-Trash: All Agree On Opel Deal, Except For The Union Boss

I shall not be moved: Opel union chief Einenkel

Messy, messy, messy: Canâ?™t even close a proper deal with the unions. GM and the unions have an agreement. It is basically as reported this morning. The deal has the signatures of management and unions. One signature is missing, reports Die Welt: That of Bochum works council chief Rainer Einenkel.

With the missing signature, there are doubts whether the deal is legally binding. Says Die Welt: �The courts may have to decide.�

Both GM and the metal worker union IG Metall are interested in bringing the matter behind them. Steve Girsky needs to report mission accomplished to Detroit (even if the result is dubious). The metal worker union already has its eyes on a much bigger prize: The new round of collective bargaining.

The unions want a raise for all 3.7 million German metalworkers, and the chances are good. Volkswagen reported record earnings, BMW and Daimler also have solid profits. The unions want 5.5 percent more this year. They would have bargained for more, would Ford and Opel not be in the poorhouse in Europe. GM wants to pay its workers zero percent more, �but the Americans don�t know the German system well enough,� Opel-union boss Schäfer-Klug told Focus. �Germany has a collective bargaining system, and Opel can�t undermine it. Neither IG Metall nor the other automakers will accept that.�

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