Saturday, March 2, 2013

The 3D Printed Car Is Upon Us

3D printing is all the rage, and it caused a huge uproar when people started making guns with 3D printers. It was just a matter of time for really lethal stuff to be 3D-printed in your nerd-neighborâ?™s basement: A car.

Wired has the story of Jim Korr and his Urbee, a car (well, a three-wheeler) that is made while a �printer sprays molten polymer to build the chassis layer by microscopic layer until it arrives at the complete object.�

That process takes, oh, about 2,500 hours. That�s close to a year  in man days, not a good cycle-time by automotive standards. In case you worry about the rigidity of printed ABS plastic: The engine and base chassis will be metal. The engine will have 10 bhp. Cost: Estimated at $50,000, could be more.

Call me when itâ?™s ready. In the meantime, I will research the possibility of life-sized 3D printed girlfriends..

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